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  • AquaMaster Shock

AquaMaster Shock

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AquaMaster Spa Shock

(2kg). Spa Shock is chlorine free and will destroy foreign contaminates in your hot tub/spa which reduce the effectiveness of Bromine and Chlorine as a disinfectant and will restore water clarity.  For best results put 1 tsp of shock into your hot tub after every use or several teaspoons 1 time per week if the hot tub hasn't been used.

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SpaBoss Spa Shock 00:20

SpaBoss Spa Shock is a NON-Chlorinating shock which oxidizes your hot tub/spa water activating the bromine/chlorine that is already in your water. Use it after each use or weekly if hot tub/spa hasn't been used or when water is cloudy. Check it out here:

  • SpaBoss Spa Shock
    SpaBoss Spa Shock is a NON-Chlorinating shock which oxidizes y...

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