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Aquafinesse is a great product to minimize chemical use in your hot tub/spa

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is NOW able to be purchased without the entire kit.  3L of Aquafinesse liquid in this easy to use and store bottle!

Aqua Finesse is a simple, one-step system that makes it easy to keep the water in your spa clean, crystal clear and silky soft.

ONE minute. ONE time per week.
AquaFinesse makes it easy to keep the water in your spa clean, crystal clear and silky soft. Its all-natural ingredients reduce the need for harsh chemicals. Spend less time maintaining your spa and more time enjoying it with AquaFinesse.

Before you use AquaFinesse for the first time, you’ll need to take a few minutes to prep your spa. After that, one minute, one time per week is all it takes – so you can spend more time enjoying your spa, and less time maintaining it.

Preparing your spa for AquaFinesse.
It takes a few minutes to prep your spa before you use AquaFinesse.

Step 1: Remove and clean the filter in your spa. Use an AquaFinesse Spa Clean tablet in order to purge all the lines for deep cleaning of your spa.

Step 2: Drain your spa and fill it with fresh water.

Step 3: As always, keep the water balanced.
That’s it! Once your water is balanced, you’re ready to get started.

Weekly maintenance.
Check the AquaFinesse bottle to see how much is required, then shake it and pour it in. Turn on the jets for two minutes to activate AquaFinesse, and that’s it!

Of course, you’ll have to maintain your level of sanitizer, keep your water balanced and clean your filter periodically with AquaFinesse Hot Tub Filter Cleaner. You’ll find you’re using a lot less sanitizer and the water will be much easier to keep balanced.


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