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Spa Boss PH Reducer (1kg)

It is important to maintain the pH balance of your Hot Tub and Swimspa and using pH reducer (also referred to as pH Down) is a very essential part of this maintenance.

pH is an indicator of how acidic/basic (basic is the opposite of acidic) your water is.  If the pH of your water is too imbalanced your sanitizer will be 98% ineffective.  Also, if your water is too acidic, over time this will cause components and seals in your hot tub to “melt” and you will have parts that corrode and seals that fail and begin to leak.  If your water is too basic, it will cause seals and headrests to “dry” out and begin to crack and flake and your seals will again begin to leak.

Typically city water is fairly balanced but you always want to check it in the beginning to get a feel for what your pH level will be whenever you fill your hot tub.  Well water typically has a high pH so be prepared to be adding a fair amount of pH reducer over the life of the hot tub.  If you ever notice that the shell of your hot tub has a gritty or sandpaper type feel to it, this has been caused by a very high pH.  The best way to remedy this is to significantly lower your pH with pH Reducer for about 2-3 days and then the “grit” will go away.  You don’t want to just try to scrub off the grit as it is also in your plumbing where you can’t reach, it’s best to resolve the issue.

An important component of keeping your pH balanced is to have the appropriate balance of Alkalinity as this stabilizes the pH from the fluctuations that can be caused by using your hot tub/swim spa

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