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  • Spa Boss Lithuim, 1kg

Spa Boss Lithium (small)

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SpaBoss Lithium

This is product is no longer available, click here for its replacment SPA PLUS

Lithium is a  used as a sanitizer for your hot tub water. This is a chlorine based product and is listed as a hypochloride. This is a chemical which needs to be used regularly to keep the bacteria from growing, and to maintain the quality of your water. Use caution when using this product as with any sanitizer, is corrosive and poisonous.
Ensure you are maintaining the recommended daily levels as determined by your testing kit. Your levels should be within: Free available chlorine: 3.0 – 5.0ppm. pH 7.2 – 7.8. Total Alkalinity: 100 – 120ppm. Use a tester strip to check your levels.
When you first fill up your hot you should be superchlorinating the water with Lithium by adding 35g per 1000L of spa water. For example, a standard 7'x7', add approximately 2 capfuls of Lithium at start up.
Lithium works best when used after each use. For most 7”x7” spas, adding 1 capful of Lithium for every two people is sufficient to kill excess bacteria left behind after use. Once added, circulate a pump to allow the water to fully dissolve the Lithium to maximize sanitation. Allow your pump to circulate for one entire cycle, typically 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to keep your cover open while chemicals are circulating to allow any excess vapour to escape.
In the event you get foam formation, turbid or cloudy water, these are indicators that you do not have enough Lithium sanitizer in the water. In this case, you should add 3-4 capfuls of Lithium, along with 3-4 capfuls of Spa Shock. This will raise your chlorine value in the water, and the Shock will help to restore clarity.
If your tub is equipped with an ozonator or UV, this will assist with killing bacteria. Lithium is best used with regular use of your hot tub. If you do not use your hot tub for 3-4 days, it is best to add 2 capfuls of Lithium to boost your chlorine levels and maintain quality water for the next time you want to use your spa.
In the event you find the water is not so high in chlorine when you want to use it, you may want to add a half capful of Lithium to ensure there is sufficient chlorine in the water for your protection. With any chemical, allow one hour to pass before you use the tub so excess vapour can escape.

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